Seven Types Of Bikini Wax Every Woman Should Know

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Despite living in an advanced world, where almost everything, from sanitary napkins to contraceptives, is advertised on a large scale, women still hesitate to ask about bikini wax. However, learning about it is as important as other critical health issues. We understand this fact and come here to talk about this openly.


If this is the first time you will experience bikini wax, then this post is worth reading. It has everything about the bikini wax, from its meaning to types. Let's start the guide!


What is bikini wax?

Bikini wax and Brazilian wax are used interchangeably. Most salons consider bikini wax to remove the hair from the areas seen from the bikini. Whereas a few salons, such as Lemon Saga Day Spa, differentiate Brazilian Wax Huntsville on their own criteria.


Note: If you want to walk into a local salon with the confidence that someone will take care of you, you're mistaken. Bikini wax is not an ordinary wax; done on legs or arms. The bikini area is the most sensitive body part that should be treated with utmost safety. You can rely on Lemon Saga Day Spa for professional treatment.


Classic bikini wax

If you are targeting particularly the areas visible from the bathing suit, a classic bikini wax is what you need. In classic bikini wax, only the visible hair from the bikini is removed. It is a great option for those who are scared of the entire bikini wax but love to flaunt their sexy body in swimsuits.


Mini Brazilian

Mini Brazilian involves removing entire hair from the front. It is yet another best choice for the female who loves to wear a bikini but does not want to remove all pubic hair. When getting this wax, ensure your esthetician is professional and all the tools and equipment are hygienic.


Full Brazilian

Coming to the next type of wax. Full Brazilian is a kind of wax that involves the front area, including the bikini line and labia, all the way to the butt strip. Now you have a better idea about the difference between the mini Brazilian and full Brazilian. 


Sphinx wax or Hollywood Wax

Let's discuss the next bikini wax, i.e. Hollywood wax, the popular bikini wax. A sphinx wax or Hollywood wax is about removing the complete hair from the front and back sides of the bikini area. It seems a little painful, but don't worry; a professional knows how to do it carefully and painlessly.


French Wax

In this type of wax, some hair on the top of the labia is left. This is something different from the standard bikini wax and goes slightly inside where your swimsuit would cover. French wax can also include a butt strip if you choose.


Butt Strip

In butt strip wax, strips target the hair growing around the butt area, and that is all.


Total Brazilian Body

Instead of stopping to lower-half wax, the total Brazilian body wax option lets you extend the wax area and gives you a smooth and silky feeling up to your neck. Arms, chest, back, stomach, and all. Overall, total Brazilian body means full body wax, including the bikini area.


If this is your first waxing experience, the thought of intimate waxing might scare you. Let's look into this.


Is waxing painful?

There is no doubt that waxing is painful, but the pain can vary from area to area. Due to more nerves around your genital area, waxing can be a painful process. You can prevent pain and stay calm (we know it is easier said than done) with the following instructions.


        Research for the best salon

        Prepare yourself mentally

        Try to stay relaxed

        Engage yourself in your phone

        Make sure you have enough hair growth to wax

        Take a bath before waxing


A bikini wax is done! You are set to flaunt smooth, silky skin.


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