Sterling Silver Jewellery Gift Ideas for Her

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Sterling Silver Jewellery

The gifting season is here, and you must consider what to give to your special one. Don't worry; we have got you covered. Here you will find some of the finest ideas for purchasing sterling silver jewellery online from home. Jewellery is an expensive product; apart from that, it is a meaningful gift, be it for her or him. It is something that represents the depth of the relationship with the other person. Let’s discuss about the certain points about silver jewellery and how it can be a great gift idea for her.

What should you remember before buying sterling silver jewellery online?

Purchasing precious metal jewellery like sterling silver dangle drop earrings or any silver jewellery gift is risky if you do not the characteristics of the metal. Therefore, it becomes necessary to know a few things, when buying silver jewellery online. Otherwise, you might get into a scam, pay at a fake website or anything can happen. Here are a few tips that can help you in buying the perfect silver jewellery for you:


     Check the authority of the website.

     There is a size guide for measuring units.

     The making symbol,

     Read their return, replace and refund policies carefully.


These are some of the key pointers to keep in mind before buying any jewellery online. First, checking the authority of the website is very important. You should check if the website is real or fake. The next thing you need to ensure is always to check their size guide. Every company has a different set of sizes. Therefore, it becomes necessary to refer to the size guide. In case of early damage or any size issue, you should be aware of the services available. So, now as we know how to buy the right piece of silver jewellery its time you go ahead with the jewellery shopping for your special one.

Sterling Silver Jewellery Gift Ideas

When buying a gift for someone special, we generally ignore the price tags. That’s because, the gift holds more importance than just the monetary value. Therefore, we bring you some of the best silver jewellery gifting ideas keeping all aspects in mind.

Silver Bracelets

A silver bracelet would be an excellent gift to give on your special one birthday. It is an elegant piece of jewellery resting on the wrist. The shine of the bracelet can glam up the look of any dress. In addition to that, you can also customise the bracelet as per your choice. For example, you get an evil eye design, or you can get a hand-knitted bracelet with an enamel flower design of silver. There are plenty of designs to choose from when it comes to silver bracelets.

Silver Rings

Rings are actually a symbol of strong, durable and long-term relationships. 92.5 is the percentage of silver, along with 7.5 per cent of zinc and copper together. Rings are something to gift at weddings or special occasions like anniversaries. Besides that, silver rings are skin-friendly and are not something you take off, so they do not get lost. You can choose the design or shape the recipient specifically love to make the gift even more special.

Sterling Silver Earrings

Earrings are tiny but are actually very precious gifts for women. It does not require a lot of thought to buy sterling silver dangle drop earrings as a gift because they are a popular choice amongst a lot of women. They are a complimentary accessory for the look of any western or traditional dress.

Taking Care of The Sterling Silver Jewellery

Often people experience their silver jewellery showing signs of tarnishing. Hence, we are going to give a brief on why it happens and how to prevent this tarnishing. The tarnishing begins when your silver jewellery gets exposed to moisture and sulphur. It does not happen overnight. And the solution to the problem is as simple as buying sterling silver jewellery online from home.You can simply, use a home remedy of brushing it off using a mix of lemon juice and baking soda. Your toothpaste can also be the money of a jeweller's polish. This way you can protect your silver jewellert from any rust or tarnishing.



Silver jewellery gifts are really a good idea whenever it comes to planning a gift for women. We hope our guide of silver jewellery gift ideas will help you choose the best gift. Along with that, we also gave an overview of points to remember while purchasing it online and how you can protect it from getting any sort of damage. Go ahead shop for your special one today!


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