What is a translation agency?

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Translation Agency are companies that offer translation services. They help enterprises communicate with international customers and clients and integrate their products into the global market.

What do translation agencies do?

Translation agencies can help you to communicate with international customers. They will also be able to assist with localization. Which is the process of translating the text into another language or region. Translators are the people who do this work. But translation agencies take care of everything else. Translation agencies are often used by enterprises with many different departments and locations across multiple countries.

For example, if your company has offices in Brazil, France and Germany then it's likely that some of your employees will speak English while others will speak German or Spanish respectively. You may need a translator who understands all three languages. If someone needs instructions from someone else who speaks only one of them (for example. I need my colleague at the Berlin office").

What are their main characteristics?

A translation company is a professional company that provides translation services. They offer their services in many sectors and industries, including:

  • Business and financial services
  • Education
  • Health care/medical
  • Human resources (HR)/recruiting agencies - HR professionals are often required to translate documents for job applicants from different countries. In this case, it's important that the translations are accurate so that the recruiters can make an informed decision about whether they want to interview them or not. You might also see some HR departments using translation agencies as part of their recruiting strategy because they know how important it is for employees who work remotely or use different languages than English at home during work hours."

Which services can a translation agency offer?

When you need to translate or localize your text, a translation agency can provide the following services:

  • Translation and localization. A good translation agency will be able to translate your text into another language and then create a new version of it in their native tongue. They may also help with localization—that is, adapting the content of one language for use in another country or region (for example, translating a Wikipedia page into Russian).
  • Proofreading and editing. To ensure that your translated text is error-free, hire a proofreader who checks over each sentence for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and awkward phrasing before sending it back to you for further corrections if necessary. If there are any inconsistencies between what was written by hand versus what's been translated by machine (such as differences between American English vs British English), ask them about this too!
  • Dubbing/subtitling services are offered by professional voice actors who will read aloud passages from scripts; however, if they're not available locally then consider hiring someone online instead through platforms such as Voices.com or GetVoices

Which is the work of a translation agency?

A translation agency is an organization that provides its services to clients. The company’s purpose is to translate documents from one language into another.

The heart of the agency is a team of translators who work together on projects, each translating a different part of the document or project. The client will then receive both versions in order to check if they are correct.

Translation agencies help enterprises to communicate with international customers.

Translation agencies help enterprises to communicate with international customers. These professional translators are skilled professionals who have a good knowledge of their native language and its grammar, vocabulary, and lexicon. They also have experience in the field of translation and understand the source language (the original text) and the target language (the translated text).

They usually speak both languages fluently and can read them without difficulty or confusion. An experienced translator will be familiar with. The subject matter since he or she usually works for an organization that deals with it every day this makes him or her an expert in this area.


A translation agency is a professional body that can offer translation services to all kinds of enterprises. These agencies have specialists who translate technical and scientific documents, legal texts, business letters, and other materials into different languages.

The most common service offered by these companies is a translation from English into other foreign languages (eg German). But they also offer services in French and Italian as well.

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